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What is ROOTS?
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What is ROOTS?(Mindful Acupuncture)
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The society we live in can be extremely stressful, which can often lead to disease and undesirable health conditions that manifest as symptoms of pain, insomnia, and headaches.


During diagnosis, we take into consideration your unique physical, mental, and emotional factors that lead up to those symptoms. 


We understand not only the urgent need of relieving current symptoms, but also the importance of addressing the underlying problem or root conditions that cause them - which varies greatly from person to person.


True healing is only possible when your body and mind heal itself. 

We assist you in stimulating your self-healing ability and work with you to correct the biochemical imbalance through acupuncture. 


Other techniques include cupping, moxibustion, energy work, electrical stimulation, and lifestyle advice.


Maintaining wellness is long-term journey. We would like to be part of your journey to improve your quality of life and achieve your goal -- a pain-free, healthy, and happy life without conventional drugs and side-effects.


ROOTS -we serve you mindfully and care about your well-being.

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